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Yahoo Small Business and SBI are two of the many tools now available to entrepreneurs who want to develop an online presence for their small or home-based business.

It is true that it is harder than ever to start a small business. The cards are stacked against you in so many ways. The good news is that there are also more and more resources that put powerful business and marketing tools in your hands, inexpensively, quickly and conveniently. Among them are the tools available through Yahoo Small Business
and SBI (Site Build It).

Yahoo Small Business

Using Yahoo Small Business website tools, your business can literally have an attractive, well functioning, reliable and inexpensive website online in less than an hour.

Of course, the first step for creating your website is choosing its name. Yahoo makes that easy to do with a domain availability search engine. Just type in the domain name you want and the engine will come back in seconds telling you if the name is available. If it is, you can register the name instantly for a very small annual fee. For convenience, you will probably want to register the name in conjunction with one of Yahoo’s low cost website hosting packages. After you’ve done this, it’s time to start building your website.

There are two ways to build your site with Yahoo. First, and easiest, is to use their website templates. These are attractive, pre-designed website pages into which you type your own information. Once you’ve picked the design you like and customized it with the content you want, you simply click the ‘publish’ button, and your website in online almost immediately.

The second way to build a website using Yahoo is to download their website building software. The software is free and intuitive to use. Starting with a pre-designed page, or a blank page, you can upload images, type text directly onto the page, and customize various aspects of the website, all with drag and drop simplicity. You don’t need any prior website building experience.

Yahoo Small Business also has tools that allow you to build an online store, complete with product photographs, a shopping cart, and purchase tracking. With their system, you can sell up to 50,000 items online! (Pearson Education)
As fully functional as Yahoo Small Business tools are, there is another system that allows you to work the internet in a more in-depth and strategic way. It is easy to use, but also provides sophisticated analytic tools, a support system that includes online video education, user forums, and more. It's called SBI (Solo Build It).

As a member of Solo Build It, you receive web hosting, and also have access to easy to use website templates, along with the option to upload your own custom designed HTML pages.

But what’s most significant about Solo Build It is that it goes way beyond these basic tools to include video training that walks you through each step of building a keyword optimized, search-engine friendly website. SBI also includes analytical tools to help you choose the most effective keywords, and even a button that lets you analyze each pages as you build it, to be sure it is optimized for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Solo Build It includes: Instant Blogging; Instant Social Bookmarking; Automated RSS; and other next generation tools to make your website a part of a larger online strategy. I always encourage my clients to think of their website as part of a larger online strategy; therefore, I recommend SBI. In fact, this website is built with it. Ignore any of the SBI scam reviews you come across as those are simply an attack campaign by competitors.

Whether you choose Yahoo Small Business or SBI, you will have powerful tools with which to build your small, or home based business.

-by Andrew Sokol
Andrew Sokol is a Business and Marketing Strategist.
He is also the publisher of this website.
Andrew is available for private consulting and public speaking.
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