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Website marketing strategies have changed over the years. They used to consist of using a web site as an online brochure and that was it. Not any more. Your site must now include active methods for generating traffic, and even generating income directly.

You'll find three website strategies listed below. You can incorporate one, two, or all of them.

1. The Importance of Data Collection

Though it may seem strange at first, many e-marketing experts agree that the most important function of your web site is data collection. In particular, collecting visitor's e-mail addresses.

Though many business owners view their websites as online brochures, or even T.V. commercials, it may be more useful to incorporate direct mail principles into your web site strategies. That is not to say you should actually use traditional (snail) direct mail to promote your site, but that you should apply some of direct mail marketing's principles. The first principle of direct mail marketing is that a relevant and accurate mailing list is the most important aspect of any campaign. What e-mail list could be more relevant or accurate than the one created by your own interested website visitors?

Of course, I do not recommend using the e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending spam, or unsolicited advertisement. But a list of people who have agreed to receive mailings from you is a hugely powerful resource for any business.

In his book "Multiple Streams of Internet Income," author Robert G. Allen suggests that if you do not have a place on your website for people to 'sign up' (and a good reasons for them to do so), you are missing one of the most valuable benefits of having a website in the first place because you should not only be bringing people to your site, you should also be bringing them back again and again. The use of e-mailed updates, e-zines, and special reports are just a few of the ways your e-mail address list can help do that.

Therefore, data collection should be among your most important website marketing strategies.

2. Affiliate Programs

An easy web site marketing strategy for creating income is the use of Affiliate Programs. These programs allow you to align your business with other businesses that are complimentary to yours. Your website features ads for these businesses. When your website visitors click on one of the ads and then buys the product, you receive a small payment.

Website Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Programs provide a convenience for your website's visitors by making it easy for them to find products related to yours. This convenience also adds value to your own website resulting in more return visits. The result is a win-win-win.Check out;; and, for more information.

3. Online Advertising

If your website is getting enough 'hits' (visitors), selling online advertising space could be part of your website marketing strategy. Many companies are eager to advertise on websites that appeal to visitors who may be interested in their products.

In addition, almost any website can participate in Google's AdSense Program. If you make Google AdSense a part of your web site marketing strategy, Google will display small and relevant ads on your website. Each time a visitor clicks on such an ad, you earn a small referral payment. These payments can add up fast.

Google Ad Sense can be incorporated into most website marketing strategies. It is popular because both website visitors and website publishers trust Google. Another win-win situation.

Of course, these are just a few of the many web site marketing strategies you can implement. You'll find many more as you continue to explore this website.

-by Andrew Sokol
Andrew Sokol is a Business and Marketing Strategist.
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