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It's amazing to think that this article wouldn't have appeared on a website like this just 10 years ago (in fact, a website like this wouldn't have existed either!).

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Internet marketing strategies became, not only a part of any successful marketing plan, but a highly important one, around the year 2000.

In his book, "The World is Flat," Thomas Friedman sites developments such as the creation of search engines like Google (and others); an over abundance of internet infrastructure; and a proliferation of consumer oriented software, as some of the reasons for the explosion of internet use, making the internet one of the 10 factors 'flattening the world.'

The question: How do you develop Strategic Internet Marketing?

The answer: Your internet marketing must be active, not passive. Your internet marketing strategies will fail if they consist only of passive techniques, with your website acting as an online brochure.
For better understanding, let's break down Strategic Internet Marketing into smaller parts.

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Websites; blogs; email advertising; pod-casting; affiliate programs; e-zines, data collection; these and other techniques are all active, not passive. At least one of these elements is part of most successful internet marketing strategies.

You may have been surprised to see Websites listed as an active element. As you will see in the article 'Website Marketing Strategies', your website can be used to create income for your business by making your website an active, information gathering, promotional machine. In fact, for many people, their successful money making business is their website.

Of course, as with all of your marketing efforts, everything should be coordinated and based on sound overall marketing strategy, so be sure to read the related articles here for more information, and seek professional assistance if you need it.

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1. Website Marketing Strategies
2. Improved Search Engine Ranking
3. Internet Branding - A Word of Caution

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