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The good news is: there is no secret to business success.
The bad news is: there is no secret to business success.

How can it be both? The fact that there is no secret to small business success is good news because it means that all the information you need to succeed is easily available. In addition to this website, there are thousands of books, articles, videos, seminars, CD’s and more, all with valuable information to help you achieve success.

The fact that there is no secret is bad news because it means there is no quick, magical method for small business success.

It takes knowledge, effort and commitment to grow a small business. If any of those three elements are missing, your business is doomed to stagnation and failure.

In his book Guerrilla Marketing, author Jay Conrad Levinson makes the case that commitment is the often overlooked - and often most important - aspect of the three. Commitment in the form of time,
he says, must be given for any marketing campaign to work.

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Think of your marketing as a stock you might buy. After doing the work to choose your stock based on a sound foundation of knowledge, it is generally best to hold on to that stock, even through downturns in the market. Indeed, some would say that during the downturns it is best to buy even more stock. The same is true with a marketing campaign. Giving up and selling (changing) a campaign when its effects don’t seem obvious can cripple your growth.

What’s more, quitting a campaign is expensive because every new campaign has high start up costs compared to the maintenance costs of an ongoing campaign. Those costs become higher still when the second campaign fails to produce instant effects and is also dropped in favor of yet another campaign.

The long term damage to growth as a result of this lack of commitment is devastating because, not only is the accumulated effect of one marketing campaign lost, but consumers experience confusion and lack of identity relative to your company. (Pearson Education)
I recall consulting with the owner of a chain of shoe stores about his marketing. His comments were always the same: “We need something that will bring in customers now,” he would say. “We can’t wait a year for a marketing campaign to work.”“Very good,” I replied. “If you’ll just give me an example of a marketing campaign with instant results, we can model your marketing after it.”

Needless to say, he had no examples because in 99% of the cases, there are no instant marketing campaigns. With the exception of sales and special events, most marketing campaigns need time to be assimilated by consumers.

The payoff is that while sales and special events may increase foot traffic over a weekend, that traffic is temporary; whereas a strategic marketing campaign backed by commitment will increase traffic over years, and that traffic will be consistent and long lasting. What's more, such campaigns implant themselves in the consciousness of consumers, creating entry barriers for competitors.

The moral of the story then is that there is no secret to small business success. Do your homework, plan your strategy and put it into practice, then stay committed to it through the inevitable ups and downs of business cycles. That’s the real secret to small business success.

-by Andrew Sokol
Andrew Sokol is a Business Strategist
and Founder of Sokol Strategic Consulting.
He is also Publisher of this website.
He is available for private consulting and public speaking.
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1. Small Business Plan - Strategy
2. Effective Marketing Techniques

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