Marketing is Strategy

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To best understand what small business marketing strategy is, it might help to first define what marketing is. As International Branding Consultant Andrew Sokol defines it:

"Marketing is anything you do to bring your product or service to market."

That's a pretty broad definition. That's because Sokol believes that every aspect of your business should be thought of as an aspect of marketing.

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Look at this chart. It shows just a few business functions that fall under marketing's mighty influence. Pricing, distribution, advertising, public relations, even how you answer the phone, are all a part of marketing.

So, if every aspect of your business should be thought of as a function of marketing, how do you make your marketing decisions?

To be successful, think of marketing as synonymous with strategy. Your strategy should guide and inform every aspect of your business.

Packaging, website design, customer value management, even business card design; every aspect of your business must be based on strategy. Marketing Strategy Click If not, all of your efforts will lack coordination, synergy, efficiency and (most importantly), return on your investment.

But how do you develop the right small business strategy? Which is the best one for your business? How do you implement it? There are many resources on this website to guide you, including articles you'll find helpful. And don't worry if developing a strategy seems a little overwhelming. This website is here to help you understand it all and grow your business. Whatever its size, and whatever size you dream it to become.

-by Andrew Sokol
Andrew Sokol is a Business and Marketing Strategist.
He is also the publisher of this website.
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