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Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is one of those terms I learned many years ago in my university studies. Though many of those theoretical textbook terms don’t carry over into real-world practice, this one does because it represents a fundamental concept which I define as: ‘The combination of all the tactics used in a marketing (strategy) campaign.’

Therefore, it can be a combination of some (or all) of these tactics: T.V. commercials; radio spots; print ads; public relations; internet and website campaigns; even social networking. Any of the tactics you use to implement your strategy is part of your Mix.

But in addition to that traditional list of tactics, I encourage you to look at every other part of your business as part of your Mix. That is, look at every part of your business as a tactic supporting a strategy.

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Look at your location, your products, your prices, your personnel, your packaging, your policies, everything in your business as a tactic supporting your larger business strategy. That perspective can change the way you see otherwise overlooked parts of your business, and open your eyes to fresh possibilities and to areas that may need adjustment.

As you can see, this topic covers a broad range of subjects. Within this section you’ll find articles about some of them including advertising, networking and more. Look for even more articles on the subject here soon.

-by Andrew Sokol
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