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Everyone wants an improved search engine ranking. And many people wonder if they should hire an SEO company to help, or try to do it themselves.

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Of course, nothing happens if people aren't coming to your website. With an improved ranking, you increase website traffic which is the single most important function of your website marketing strategy.

So how do you achieve a higher search engine ranking? Aside from telling people about your website, the most effective way to increase website traffic is by using search engine optimization (SEO).
Every time you type a search word or phrase into a Google or Yahoo search box, for example, you are using a search engine. The trick is to make these search engines find your website when a relevant word or phrase is searched for, and then for the search engine to put your website’s name as close as possible to the #1 spot on the search results page.

What can you do for an improved search engine ranking? There are many things you can do yourself, or you can hire people called 'Search Engine Optimizers' (SEO-ers). These people try to improve search engine rankings in two ways; first, by using the right 'keywords' in your site. Those are the relevant terms that people type into search engines, and that automated search engine 'spiders' use to find relevant sites.

However, in order to get a higher search engine ranking, some SEO-ers also try to outsmart and influence the protocols and algorithms search engines use by using manipulative techniques.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

An SEO company like that is playing a constant game of catch-up with search engine providers like Google because SEO-ers are always trying to catch-up to Google’s constantly shifting and improving search engine technology.

In fact, Google hosts an annual party for SEO-ers complete with entertainment, food and games. Why? Call it Google's sense of competitive humor. In fact, it reflects Google's confidence that SEO-ers will never be able to catch up to the ever changing landscape of search engine protocols.

While an SEO company may help a particular client achieve an improved search engine ranking using these methods, experts are divided over the effectiveness and ethics of these manipulative techniques. One reason is that there are many different search engines with many different protocols and algorithms. Using manipulative tricks to optimize for all of them is impractical.

Also, these algorithms are constantly changing; therefore, manipulative SEO results can be short term and unreliable. What's worse, some of these SEO techniques can actually lead to your site being penalized by search engines, moving your website lower in search results (and farther from the #1 position).

Therefore, if you're going to use an SEO company for improved search engine rankings, be sure to discuss these considerations with them.

Whether working with an SEO company or doing it yourself, you can get a higher search engine ranking using legitimate techniques.

In fact, a company called 'SiteSell' includes a suite of SEO tools, training and strategies built into their web hosting service. They also have exclusive analytical and site-building tools to help you along the way.

Most web marketing experts agree that the first most important element for an improved search engine ranking, with or without an SEO company, is to fill your site with quality, relevant content. A site that is thin on content will always have difficulty attracting new and return visitors.

-by Andrew Sokol
Andrew Sokol is an International Business Consultant.
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1. Website Marketing Strategies
2. Higher Search Engine Ranking
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