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What are the secrets to home based business marketing? Allow me to explain by sharing my own story.

If you were to find yourself in a little country town where there are no stoplights and the sheep outnumber the people, you would find me and my business not too long ago.

When I first moved to the town I was making about $1500 a month, which was barely enough to survive on, and certainly nothing to brag about. So, here I was, living out in the boonies and working from home – yet in a very short time, I was making a 6-figure income. How did I do it? With proper home based business marketing.

Here are my secrets to get you well on to your way to creating your own 6-figure income:

1. Write keyword-enhanced press releases and distribute them through electronic distribution services, such as PR Web Direct. Home Based Business Marketing PR Web Direct kicks out press releases to the Google and Yahoo Newswires, as well as to RSS feeds.

For best results, run your release at their $300 level and upgrade it by $10. This tiny addition will bump your release up above everyone else at the $300 level. When you select “upgrade” their screen will fill in a $40 amount. Delete that and add your $10 amount. Run your release on a Wednesday. PR Web Direct has some of the best customer service anywhere. I recommend them to reach a national audience.

For reaching a regional audience, try Send2Press or Market Wire.
Both companies provide solid service.

2. Attend networking events like crazy. This is an essential part of home based business marketing. To be most effective, set a marker for yourself, such as to attend 4 new networking meetings a month. Carry a giant stack of business cards with you wherever you go and be sure to pitch yourself.

If you would rather blend into the wall than go up to a new person, try this: pretend you are a golden retriever and think of the person in front of you as your new best friend. (Really! It works!)

If you are not bringing in the bacon after attending your first two events, you probably need a little help with your pitch. In that case, contact an elevator speech coach such as Laurelle Johnson at
Inner Wealth Speakers or Susan Schwartz at You Who Branding.

3. The most important step in home-based business marketing is to create referral-based relationships with other entrepreneurs. Referrals account for a large percentage of my client-base. Identify 10 service providers who provide services that complement yours. Contact them and offer a referral commission of 10% for any clients they send you who use your services. The key here is to identify service providers who you really like and who are real go-getters.

Use these home based business marketing secrets and you'll be well on your way to earning your own 6-figure income!

-by Randy Peyser
Randy is a published writer, and the CEO of Author One Stop.
She helps authors and entrepreneurs write books
and distribute press releases on the interent.
Randy can be reached at: Author One Stop


1. Elevator Pitch
2. Small Business Networking
3. Small Business Advertising

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