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A higher search engine ranking is the goal of everyone with a website. In the article Improved Search Enging Ranking

Higher Search Engine Rankings

, we discussed whether using a Search Engine Optimization company was useful. I also gave you some pointers for building a site that would help you achieve improved search engine rankings.


1. Choose keywords that are relevant to the subject matter of each page. There are free tools to help you do that including Google's Keyword Search Tool.

2. Try to make those keywords as specific as possible. For example, if you sell pet supplies, try using more specific keywords such as 'exotic pet supplies', or 'organic pet food.' Words that you think your customers may type into a search engine, but aren't so common that you'll be competing with 100,000 other websites in the search results. This can lead to an improved search engine ranking.

3. Use one of those keywords in the file name of the each page, for example www.mywebsite.com/keyword.html

4. Create a headline for the page and include your keyword in it.

5. Weave the keyword(s) into the body of your text. Two or three times are usually enough, depending on the length of the text.

6. The more pages you have in your website with relevant keywords, the more likely you will achieve improved search engine rankings because there is more content to be spotted by search engines. Try for at least 20 pages.

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7. Be sure to submit your website to the Google and Yahoo search engines. It's free. You can also pay $299 to be considered for the Yahoo online directory. Directories are still used by web surfers, and there is evidence to suggest that being accepted into the Yahoo directory can help you be noticed by Google, resulting in higher search engine rankings.

8. Link like crazy! Search engine spiders give high points to websites with lots of in-pointing links. In fact, some search engines find sites only by following links on other sites.

Usually, you will have to exchange links with another website in order to get links. However, the more one way links you have (that is links pointing in with no reciprocal link pointing out) the better. That is why being listed in directories can be so important.

Another way to get one way, in-pointing links is to write articles, or have your website link appear with any sort of credit or byline you can create elsewhere on the web.

To maintain your improved search engine ranking, stay informed and keep learning. As technologies change you’ll want to stay up to date. We’ll continue bringing you relevant information, so check back with this website often.

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