Professional Profile

In his years as a Business and Marketing Strategist, Andrew Sokol has advised companies large and small, in eight international cities, on three continents (and one island!).

In America, Sokol has consulted for companies in a diverse range of industries including: automotive; health and fitness; skin care; hotel; government; and others. Along the way he’s won awards and recognition for writing and creative direction.

His international resume includes consulting for management and staff of Nike (Thailand); Yamaha (Italy); Oishii Foods (Japan); Siemens (Germany and Italy); Kinowelt Motion Pictures (Germany); Bristol/Myers (Thailand); The Crossroads School (Japan); the Thailand Department of Water and Power; and others.

Sokol began his career after graduating university with a degree in Radio/TV/Film production. His skills as a writer led to his being hired as editor and contributing writer for several publications in Southern California. His work captured the attention of local businesses and he soon found himself with a growing list of clients.

Working with these small companies, Sokol noticed that most had no guiding business or marketing strategy, so he began offering suggestions for strategic campaigns. When his ideas proved effective, his client list quickly grew. This led to him founding his first advertising agency. He hasn’t looked back since.

Sokol currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues his consulting practice. He is also a writer and sought after public speaker on the subject of business and marketing strategy.

Andrew Sokol publishes this website and can be reached clicking

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