May, 2010
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Involved in business marketing? This is your website.

These business tips are offered free, to help make marketing more effective for you. That way, you can harness the power of strategies involving: Social Media; Target Marketing; Niche Marketing; Internet Marketing; your Marketing Mix; Public Relations; Advertising;
and more.

Enjoy the site and feel free to Contact Us with your questions, or with requests for particular small business advice.

-Andrew Sokol, Publisher


Small Business Marketing Blog
The Small Business Marketing Blog keeps you up-to-date with all the new articles on the web site.
Small Business Marketing Strategy
These free articles will help you develop a powerful small business marketing strategy. Plus, links to related articles and other resources.
Effective Marketing Techniques
What is the key to developing effective marketing techniques? This article shows you 5 critical, but often misunderstood concepts that are essential to effective marketing campaigns.
Strategic Internet Marketing
Learn how to develop Strategic Internet Marketing. This section features important free articles and links to related information and resources.
Improved Search Engine Ranking with an SEO company?
This free article shows how to get an improved search engine ranking and whether it's a good idea to use an SEO company. Plus, there are links to other related aritcles.
Guerilla Marketing - A word of caution
Guerilla Marketing is a popular book and a marketing philosophy. In this free article, Business Strategist Andrew Sokol offers a word of warning.
Marketing Mix
An easy yet important explanation of what a Marketing Mix is. Gives suggestions for looking at your entire business in a new way. Also, features links to related articles.
Small Business Ideas
These free articles will help you develop profitable and enjoyable small business ideas. Plus information on managing and marketing your business.
Opening a Small Business
Whether you're opening a small business soon, or you've been in business for years, these free articles will give you important tips for a solid business structure.
Yahoo Small Business - A powerful tool
Yahoo Small Business provides entrepreneurs powerful yet easy methods to create an on-line presence. This free article summarizes Yahoo's features.
Small Business Startup Loans - 6 Sources of Money
Small business startup loans can come in many forms. This free article shows you 6 ways to raise money. Plus, other free articles about SBA and private funding sources.
Thought Leadership - Selling without selling
Thought Leadership is the newest strategy for marketing your business. In essence, it is a technique of selling without selling. This article explains its purpose and methods.
About Andrew Sokol
A brief professional profile of Business and Marketing Strategist Andrew Sokol, including his international resume, and past and current work.
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